Training Week in Pondicherry

Our Trainers Never Rest !

We hold ourselves to high standards across all disciplines – from engineering and quality to manufacturing. This is why we put so much effort into training all of our employees.


PHTC is the training center for Poclain Powertrain’s sister company, Poclain Hydraulics. Their mission is to train and certify not only Poclain Hydraulics customers and distributors, but to support internal needs as well.


In October of this year, the PHTC held a training for our newer arrivals in production at our Poclain Powertrain plant in India.


The goals for the Poclain Powertrain team was to ensure everyone has a solid understanding of the fundamentals of hydraulics and our products so that they have the competencies needed to introduce the new Addidrive system for car.


The training included an overview of the new Addidrive system analyzing in detail each component of the system before studying the full-scale operation of the new Addidrive system developed by Poclain Powertrain.


The training took place in an engaged and professional ambience allowing for a fluid exchange of knowledge and experience between trainees and PHTC trainers.​ Our Poclain Powertrain plant collaborators completed the training course with a solid knowledge base they can put into practice.

training PHTC

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