Poclain Powertrain

Who are we?


At Poclain Powertrain, we are developing, industrializing and commercializing the Addidrive system, an innovative 4-wheel drive hydraulic transmission for private automobiles and commercial vehicles.

To achieve this, we have put together the resources we need to meet the demands of the automobile market:

  • A highly qualified team of staff specializing in hydraulic transmissions and the automobile industry.
ingeneer for 4WD transmission at poclain
  • The resources for designing the transmission and an automobile test bench dedicated to the development of Addidrive.
test pump for hydraulic transmission system
  • A private test center for light vehicles and light commercial vehicles, for fine-tuning and demonstrations.
  • Vehicles fitted with the Addidrive transmission.

Poclain Powertrain is in Verberie, France, on the site of the Poclain group head office.

test of 4wd car in the mud

The Poclain group

The Poclain group is an industrial manufacturer on a global scale, specialized in hydraulic power transmissions.

Over a million machines throughout the world have Poclain hydraulic transmissions, in diversified and demanding markets such as agriculture, building, mining, material handling, and the marine industry.

Our hydraulic technology expertise coupled with major innovations has allowed us to expand our range and we have been equipping road vehicles since 2005. Leading manufacturers such as MAN, Renault Trucks, Daimler-Benz and Volvo Trucks have adopted our exclusive hydraulic transmission with better drive power in tough driving conditions such as snow, sand, mud, and steep slopes.

In 2013, with the benefit of this experience, Poclain decided to enter the automobile market and created its subsidiary Poclain Powertrain.

image of the buildings of poclain