4-wheel drive hydraulic transmission

Addidrive, the innovative AWD transmission system

The advantages of the two-wheel drive vehicle, in the four-wheel drive version

Addidrive is an innovative transmission specifically developed for the automobile market, benefiting from all of Poclain's experience in hydraulics.

It is the first hydraulic power transmission allowing manufacturers to offer a four-wheel drive vehicle on the basis of a two-wheel drive vehicle with minimum impact on chassis and consumption.

Intended for the original equipment market, the Addidrive transmission is installed in parallel with the regular transmission to power the rear axle of a front-wheel drive vehicle.

  • The mechanical transmission on the front wheels is still the main vehicle transmission.
  • Addidrive transmission on the rear wheels gives you extra drive power when you need it.
Hydraulic 4x4


Addidrive was awarded the Trophée d’Or for Innovation at the Equip Auto show in 2015, in the category "OEM – New Technologies."


Hydraulic technology

Technology adapted to the automotive market

Hydraulic technology has particularly interesting features for the automotive market, particularly in terms of integration and environmental performance.

  • The components are robust, compact and light in weight. They have very high power densities.
  • The power is available immediately and transmitted through high pressure pipes and hoses
  • The management of the power and therefore of the torque transfer is purely hydro-mechanical and does not require any electronic control.
  • The number of moving parts, especially in 4x2 mode, is reduced. The mechanical losses are very low and the fuel consumption of the vehicle is only very slightly impacted.