Addidrive's Incredible Journey Across Japan

Addidrive demo car road show in Japan

With 27 million passenger cars and light commercial vehicles manufactured in 2018, Japan is a strategic player. It has an image of excellence and innovation, deploying groundbreaking technology such as the hybrid car on a large scale. It was an ideal destination to prove the benefits of Addidrive and get industry buy-in.


The Addidrive Demo Car in Japan

Organizing a roadshow in Japan was not a walk in the park. The first challenge was to convince vehicle manufacturers to spend a day testing a new solution. Poclain Hydraulics Japan visited them over a period of two years, to explain the benefits of a hydraulic all-wheel drive system to manufacturers who believed mechanical transmissions are irreplaceable.

The next hurdle was finding off-road test tracks that would offer the right conditions – a steep grade, mud, and loose gravel – on the day of the event. Then electricity and amenities also had to be set up to be able to host our guests.


30 Thumbs Up

The tests took place over two weeks in three locations: Yokohama, Mount Fuji and Hiroshima. Turnout exceeded the team’s hopes, with 30 car and utility vehicle professionals. They had the opportunity to drive the demo car for a first-hand experience driving up 25% grades and on adverse terrain.


Addidrive is a Fit for the Personal and Utility Vehicle Industries

Addidrive helps drivers navigate bad weather and poor road conditions at a lower price point than an SUV or 4x4. Its high power density and low drag torque allow manufacturers to integrate the hydraulic transmission with minimal impact on vehicle architecture or CO2 emissions.

Cactus Japan

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