Addidrive, The Integral Transmission For All

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First of all, to understand what Addidrive is, let us listen to its creators: “Addidrive is based on an extremely simple principle: a hydraulic pump driven by the differential output gearbox supplies a rear hydraulic motor with high pressure, via hoses easily implantable under the vehicle.” This equipment can therefore be installed on any type of front traction vehicle, either in segments A and B, for example, or on light-duty commercial vehicles or SUVs. As Éric Vives, director of Poclain Powertrain states, “our ambition is to make integral transmission accessible to all”. And the market is very broad, both in France and Europe or worldwide.

With this simple system, all motorists can get out of tricky situations such as driving on a forest road, a slippery or snow-covered road, etc. Indeed, in the event of skidding for example, the system engages and self-manages torque distribution on the wheels. The system is of course not in competition with 4X4s and other specialized vehicles. But it is an important contribution to driving comfort and user safety, as Addidrive is there to “get down to basics by eliminating stressful situations and allow the motorist to head for new horizons.”

Even though it is theoretically possible to retrofit Addidrive, this is not the aim of Poclain, which would first like to work on original equipment. It is also a way of reducing costs and therefore offering the buyer a financially accessible and very useful option on their vehicle. Finally, it should be pointed out that Addidrive maintenance can be modelled on that of the manufacturer, with however a requirement to change the filter at least every 4 years.

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