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Addidrive: AWD transmission for everyone

A solution that fits users’ needs

Addidrive is a all-wheel drive hydraulic transmission system offering drivers of regular vehicles extra drive power without affecting fuel consumption under normal driving conditions.

It is a solution for mobility that everyone can have, meeting the challenges that are often encountered throughout the world by many drivers:

  • In some countries, drivers have to deal with insecure road infrastructures, severe weather conditions, or limited purchasing power.
  • Others drivers enjoy better driving conditions, but may occasionally run into vehicle mobility problems: a snow covered road during a vacation or a muddy terrain out in the country. However, these same drivers do not necessarily want to be penalized by the price, the characteristics (high consumption, ground clearance, etc.), or association with a traditional 4-wheel drive vehicle. 

These two different types of drivers have in common a great need for drive power at an affordable price compared with traditional 4-wheel drive vehicles.


Drivers with modest salaries expressed a need to have an affordable option to deal with difficult road conditions on a daily basis – including in smaller vehicles.


Drivers who do not have or want a 4-wheel drive vehicle, but who have sufficient means to afford their selected options when purchasing a vehicle.

Needs for 4WD in the world

AWD transmission affordable for all drivers

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Whether you're faced with difficult driving conditions or just decide to go off-road exploring, Addidrive is easy to use in all conditions, giving drivers safety and confidence.


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